I’d like to talk about how DISC can remove a lot of the risk involved in recruiting people into certain specific roles, giving a much higher chance of long term success, with less churn, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

If you were to describe some of the ideal characteristics of someone to put into a customer service or customer care role, what would be your top 3?

Here are some of mine:

  • Good with people, sensitive to customer emotion and empathetic
  • Patient and thorough, motivated to help the customer out
  • Consistently works to the agreed processes and methods to achieve their objectives

If you put someone who does not have these or similar characteristics into such a job – maybe someone who is not very patient and who does not stick to the process – the result is likely to be an unhappy customer and an underperforming team member. The result being that neither will enjoy the experience and probably neither will hang around for very long!

If you had a way of gaining reliable insight into such behavioural preferences, how much would that aid your recruitment and organisational development?

Using DISC Flow® behavioural assessment products can give you that insight.

The results are a better match of person to the job, lower churn, more effective and motivated team members, leading to happier customers and better bottom-line results!