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Without doubt, the quality of any workplace is directly impacted by
how well (or how badly) people communicate with each other.

Our expertise and approach are unique. Unlike many in this market who look to complicate the subject, we help teams communicate more effectively based on a simple-to-understand and easy-to-apply approach. We’ve taken the tried-and-tested DISC behavioural model and combined it with the power of emotional intelligence to create a DISC assessment tool for anyone in the workplace which:

  • Introduces a common language to help teams understand one another and work better together.
  • Builds on individuals’ strengths and identifies opportunities for growth through unique DISC profiles.
  • Highlights individuals with compatible profiles to create peak-performing teams.
  • Reduces conflict and avoids misunderstandings amongst teams.
  • Acts as a springboard for conversation and team-building.
  • Improves employee and workplace communication.
  • Helps you to understand people who aren’t like you… or are too much like you.

We work with companies of all sizes across the world to provide consulting services and official DISC certification. Our DISC-focused training is designed to help people – through our assessments and profiles – develop greater levels of insight about themselves, appreciate what makes other people tick and become more flexible and adaptable in their approach toward others.

Out Approach

To ensure your organisation receives a proposal designed to meet your objectives, we start with a free consultation to determine which of our DISC Flow® assessment solutions will have the most impact on your team. We also provide advice and consulting services to organisations that wish to integrate the DISC model into a broad range of new or existing team development programmes. Whatever the approach, we can help you meet your DISC training objectives while respecting your budget.

Our Training Solutions Include

Leadership &
Management Development

Our DISC management training programmes are proven to increase the effectiveness of anyone in a management role – whether long-time veterans or those new to the position. Our approach to leadership development lays out a clear path for helping leaders at all levels make the connection between their DISC style and leadership approach. We provide DISC Trainer Certification, where you’ll gain information tailored specifically to enhance the critical skills managers need to build solid, one-to-one relationships with direct reports as well as up the chain of command. Through their DISC assessment, participants gain a deeper understanding of how their management style influences how they manage time, make decisions, approach problems and what they need to do to adapt to the styles of others to bring out the best in each and every member of the team. Whether they lean towards Dominance, Steadiness, or other DISC personality types, our assessments help you to effectively use DISC theory to reduce the risk of any personality clashes within your team.

Sales & Customer Service

Our sales-based training programmes teach people how to connect better with their customers using the DISC model. Those in any customer-facing role learn to strengthen their communication skills and improve the relationship with a prospect or client. Tapping into the power of DISC Flow® helps salespeople effectively recognise and adapt to their customers’ unique buying styles and close more sales. Our training programmes introduce a dynamic DISC assessment tool to help your team discover new strategies for stretching beyond their natural preferences and make the selling process more productive and successful.

Communication and Team Building

Our programmes deliver comprehensive workplace solutions that engage every employee and build more productive and effective relationships at work. We create a personalised learning experience through unique DISC profiles and thorough assessments to help participants understand and appreciate the different priorities, preferences and values each individual brings to the workplace.


Let’s be honest, conflict is pretty much inevitable when you work with others. People have different behavioural styles and, under a certain set of circumstances, those differences can escalate to conflict. How people handle that conflict determines whether it works to the team’s advantage or contributes to its demise. Our approach, using our detailed DISC profiles and psychometric assessments, is designed to help people improve their understanding around conflicting behaviours and team-building strategies. It’s not about conflict resolution, rather, it’s focused on helping team members curb destructive behaviours so that conflict can become more productive – improving workplace results and team relationships.

Workplace Conflict

Supercharge your workforce

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