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As experts in behaviour, emotional intelligence and psychometric testing, we help you develop your people, teams,
and organisational culture. By sharing DISC insights, we provide your teams with the tools for better communication, leadership, and
conflict resolution.

From our years of industry experience, we’ve learned that too many people in the personality assessment market seek to over complicate and confuse. That’s why our goal is to provide you with a clear and easy-to-understand approach to personality assessments that works every time.

What is DISC?

DISC assessments are based on the work of psychologist William Moulton Marston, who argued that personalities could be understood through four primary behavioural styles. The first ever DISC assessment was created by Walter Clarke in the 1950s. This was the forerunner to the advanced DISC Flow® model we use today.

Our DISC assessment is a short self assessment where individuals identify the statements that are most and least relevant to them. The assessment doesn’t take much time to complete and afterwards individuals can identify their behaviours, strengths, limitations, and opportunities for growth. There are four DISC profiles, although individuals may be a combination of two.

The personality styles identified by the assessment are:

The Dominance DISC Profile

Assertive and competitive, people with the Dominance style love leading people, making decisions, and taking risks. They’re direct and ambitious go-getters who are valuable employees on any team due to their focus on the big picture.

The Influence DISC Profile

Employees with the Influence type are a joy to be around, bringing their enthusiasm and sociability to any team. Energetic, persuasive, and good at motivating others, I style individuals are positive thinkers and effective negotiators.

The Steadiness DISC Profile

People with the Steadiness style are the backbone of any team: dependable, hardworking, and good team players. Sometimes reserved and often good listeners, employees with the S style personality are supportive and enjoy a harmonious, slow-paced work environment.

The Compliance DISC Profile

Analytical thinkers and effective problem solvers, employees with the Compliance personality are great independent workers who delve deep into the details. C styles like to know all the information before making decisions; they’re your most thorough team members.

Understanding DISC Flow®

DISC Flow® has been purposely designed to be simple to understand and easy to apply! We’ve taken the tried-and-tested DISC behavioural model and combined it with the power of emotional intelligence to create a tool for anyone in the workplace to:

Pinpoint the most effective ways to communicate and grow

Map out how to complete
projects effectively

Establish benchmarks for what success might look like in different roles

Enhance learning & development initiatives to align with team values

Help overcome work conflict between individuals

We teach the DISC Flow® model holistically, giving you a deep understanding of how it can be used to increase emotional intelligence and behavioural adaptability in the workplace.

We work with leading companies throughout the world and DISC Flow® can be used by anyone in an organisation, regardless of title or role.

Applying DISC Flow® in the workplace is straightforward and can help develop powerful leadership, build cohesive teams, improve sales and customer service, enhance communication, reduce conflict and increase employee engagement.

Our DISC Reports

We offer four detailed and comprehensive reports to help you use DISC in the way that best suits your team.


The DISC Flow® CORE Report is our most comprehensive individual report, giving full and personalised insights into your DISC style. This report helps you identify strengths and growth opportunities to build stronger and more productive relationships and habits at work.


A shortened version of our CORE Report, the DISC Flow® PORTRAIT Report is a simplified overview of your assessment results. Less specific than the full CORE report, this is nonetheless a valuable resource for your team members that includes many actionable pointers.


The highly accurate DISC Flow® LEADER Report delves deep into an individual’s leadership style to help them become a stronger and more effective leader. By highlighting areas for growth, this enables your current or future leaders to reach their full potential.


To improve team cohesion and communication, the DISC Flow® GROUP Report is the perfect solution. When paired with our other reports, this provides insights into the personality and behaviour dynamics of a team to help the group work more effectively together.

Benefits of embedding DISC in your workplace


  • Better understand your personality and those of your coworkers
  • Know your strengths and opportunities for growth with actionable insights
  • Learn to build powerful relationships based on your skills and communication style


  • Develop an effective communication process with a common language
  • Combine individuals into peak performing teams
  • Create a blueprint for effective work styles that benefit everyone


  • Understand your employees’ motivations and goals
  • Develop your leaders and managers to make them more effective
  • Recruit long-term employees who turn into high performers

Who we work with

Here at The DISC Group, we work with companies large and small to improve the quality of the workplace. It doesn’t matter whether you want to use DISC with a small team or want to give your people comprehensive training to embed DISC values across the whole workplace, we’re here to help.

DISC is used right across the world to improve communication and teamwork, build stronger relationships and create more productive workplaces.

We have the perfect solution for any organisation looking to develop the potential of their people. Our services are also perfect for independent coaches, consultants, and trainers to use with their clients.

Plus, there are no annual license fees, renewals or minimum quantity orders.

Learn more about DISC

Want to learn more about the benefits of using DISC Flow® in your workplace? Check out some of our recent posts such as Measuring the ROI of Disc Assessments and When is Best to Perform DISC Assessments in Your Organisation? Or, contact us today.

Meet the Team

Oliver Love

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Asia Pacific

(DISC Flow Style – DI)

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Country Manager

(DISC Flow Style – DI)

Andy Marko

Regional Distributor
France, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria

(DISC Flow Style – D)

Leona Wan

Country Manager
Hong Kong

(DISC Flow Style – S)

Megan Dawson

Country Manager
New Zealand

(DISC Flow Style – I)

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Country Manager
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Jude Hudson

Office Manager
Slovenia and Central Europe

(DISC Flow Style – S)

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Client Manager
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(DISC Flow Style – C)

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Country Manager
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Country Manager
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(DISC Flow Style – I)

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Country Manager

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Dave Welsby

Project Manager
Slovenia and Central Europe

(DISC Flow Style – S)

Elaine Coote

Financial Controller
United Kingdom

(DISC Flow Style – I)

Eve Thow

Country Manager

(DISC Flow Style – D)

Ana Luisa Monteiro

Country Manager

(DISC Flow Style – IS)

Moulay Youssef Sbai

Country Manager

(DISC Flow Style – S)

Eric Toh

Country Manager

(DISC Flow Style – D)

Jen Hashim

Country Manager

(DISC Flow Style – SC)

Jihane Labib

Country Manager

(DISC Flow Style – I)

Luc Goossens

Country Manager
The Netherlands & Belgium

(DISC Flow Style – DI)

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