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As more and more organisations experience the benefits of bringing the DISC model to their employees, they are also recognising the importance of having trained professionals who can keep the DISC language alive within the company’s culture.

2023 – 2024 Public Course Schedule

Dates Time(s)
Final Event for 2023 – November 23rd and 30th 09:00 – 13:00 on both days
2024 – January 18th and 25th 09:00 – 13:00 on both days
March 14th and 21st 09:00 – 13:00 on both days
May 16th and 23rd 09:00 – 13:00 on both days
July 18th and 25th  09:00 – 13:00 on both days
September 19th and 26th  09:00 – 13:00 on both days

Completing a DISC Group certification course signals a proven level of capability and knowledge, giving your clients or organisation the ability to tie behavioural and communication based solutions directly to individuals, teams, and company goals.

DISC certification is a long-standing and proven method of understanding personality and behavioural styles. A DISC Flow assessment will demonstrate results by providing insights into the different personality types, and how the individual can improve on their skill sets through a certain type of learning. DISC assessments propel the belief that while everyone has the ability to learn, not everyone learns in the same way.

DISC profiles can be an extremely enlightening and insightful tool to bring to your workplace relationships. Learning to become a DISC trainer can help individuals learn a range of new skills that are invaluable. After undergoing training and becoming certified you will be qualified to deliver and coach DISC training in your organisation.

Our DISC Certification training will provide participants with insight into the DISC model and the four core styles. The session will provide an understanding of the different traits, behavioural styles and personality styles of each DISC profile and how they work with each other and independently.

Through this, trainers will then be able to create a workplace that caters to every type of personality, supporting communication and understanding between individuals.

The Personality Types Explained


Headstrong, confident and direct, the D personality profile is a competitive and effective worker. They want to be the best and naturally gravitate toward leadership roles. They want to be challenged and pushed, ready to learn new things with each passing day.

This DISC personality profile can push teams forward, but their headstrong and authoritative nature can sometimes result in them overlooking the thoughts, feelings and ideas of other team members. 


Those with the I personality profile are often the most outgoing, sociable and positive about situations. They love communicating and collaborating with others, and often take on the role of inspiring and motivating their team members.

However, this profile may often avoid uncomfortable discussions and confrontational situations. They can have poor attention to detail and may need to work on their organisational skills. 


Those with the S profile often prefer stability and a calm working environment in order to feel secure. When they know what is coming their way they are confident and can thrive, however they do not do so well with change and unpredictability individually or within their team.

Sensitive to criticism, it is important to approach those with this DISC profile in the correct way so as to not knock their confidence. You may also find that those with the S profile avoid conflict and difficult discussions.


The Compliance profile shows individuals to be meticulous and detail-oriented. They are good at creative and critical thinking and hold themselves and their team to high standards of work.

However, they may step back from making decisions unless they have all of the right information at their disposal. Their perfectionism can also sometimes be detrimental to the team’s efforts to deliver results on time.

Benefits of becoming DISC-certified

There are many benefits associated with becoming a DISC-certified trainer for your organisation. After completing the certification, trainers will be:

Better Motivators

More equipped to handle conflict between team members

Able to create and deliver a work environment that people thrive in

Better suited to optimise team performance


Book for your place on our Disc Trainer Certification Course here, or scroll down to our contact section. When you choose ‘Public Course’ you will get the list of all upcoming events and the option to choose a date of your choice.

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If you have a team of people looking to become certified, but want to avoid the high cost of people being away from the workplace, it may be more beneficial for us to come to you and run an in-house certification and training.

Not only may it be more financially beneficial (depending on the number of participants), but the training and content can be adapted and made more specific to your organisational needs.

For information and prices on our in-house sessions, please call 0203 195 2898, email sales@thediscgroup.co.uk or make an enquiry using the contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions

DISC theory was first posited by Dr. William Moulton Marston in 1928 as a way to better analyse behaviour by grouping them into different types and styles. DISC is now a certified and very popular method of psychometric testing used by many companies each year to improve the understanding of their workforce.

The DISC Group Reports are fantastic for providing one-off insights into the profiles of individuals within a team. Fill out the reports, send it back and you will receive your reports for the specific DISC report.

However, if you’re looking to really delve into DISC theory and apply to future work situations both internally and externally, then we recommend undergoing training with the DISC Trainer Certification.

By completing the DISC assessment training and becoming a certified trainer, participants will have the knowledge to take forward with them into future situations and scenarios which is an invaluable skill to have. 

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