DISC is a powerful and highly effective tool that, when used correctly, can produce spectacular results. By identifying the four fundamental behavioural styles that shape people’s interactions, DISC’s effectiveness as a personality evaluation tool makes it an excellent facilitator for learning about individuals.

Completing a DISC certification course signals a proven level of capability and knowledge – giving participants from your organisation or clients the ability to tie behavioural and communication-based solutions directly to individual, team and company goals.

This course is intended for Human Resources or Learning and Development professionals (including managers, coaches, consultants and trainers) who want to develop a deeper level of expertise in the DISC model to meet their team, organisation or client’s needs.

Investment £995.00 plus vat

Here at the DISC Group, we have spent many years designing and refining our certification course to give you a thorough understanding of the DISC behavioural model; the history of its development, its validity and reliability, the administration process for creating and managing online profiles and how to interpret the results of the various reports. We teach the DISC assessment holistically, giving you a deep understanding of how it can be used to increase emotional intelligence and behavioural adaptability in the workplace.

Participants can look forward to professionally facilitated courses which are fun, intuitive and comprehensive. Our DISC training is provided by expert trainers who are experienced in creating a well-paced learning environment.

Once certified, delegates are equipped with the knowledge and a whole host of support resources necessary to be confident in their ability to apply the DISC assessment practically in any coaching, consulting or training situation in the workplace. Importantly, the training will provide you with the versatility to craft behavioural and communication-based solutions to meet a wide variety of organisational needs.

Upon successful completion of an examination after the workshop, you will be designated as a DISC Certified Trainer.

The benefits of DISC training include:

  • Confidence and competence to apply DISC assessments in any training, coaching or organisational development scenario in the workplace.
  • An understanding of the history of DISC and DISC theory.
  • An understanding of personality and situational behaviour.
  • The ability to recognise and understand behavioural styles and personality styles.
  • Trainers improve people-reading skills.
  • Create more cohesive teams.
  • The ability to competently interpret DISC profiles and give meaningful and powerful feedback.
  • Practice in workplace application of the skills.

DISC Trainer Certification includes:

Your own Personal Profile

Workbook and classroom

Resource Pack (including
Powerpoint slide deck)

Marketing Collateral

FACe Account for management of
online DISC profiles

Examination & Certificate

Does DISC training teach me how
to be a facilitator or trainer?

It is not the objective of the Certification course to teach you to be a trainer. However, it will be beneficial if you have no previous experience in delivering training. DISC certification will improve your skills as a facilitator by providing knowledge and insight into the DISC model’s theory and the interpretation and feedback of the assessments.

Who should get certified?

Anyone in a training, coaching, consulting or people-development role who wishes to understand, utilise and maximise the benefit of using the DISC assessment within an organisation.

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Book for your place on our DISC Trainer Certification Course here, or scroll down to our contact section. When you choose ‘Public Course’ you will get the list of all upcoming events and the option to choose a date of your choice.


Book your place on our DISC Trainer Certification Course here, or scroll down to our contact section. When you choose ‘Public Course’, you will get the list of all upcoming events and the option to choose a date of your choice.

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In-House Course

If you have a team of people looking to become accredited, but want to avoid the high cost of people being away from the office, it may be more beneficial for us to come to you and run in-house sessions for them to gain certification.

Not only may it be more financially beneficial (depending on the number of participants), but the training can be adapted and made more specific to your organisational needs.

Or you may reach us through the following contact details:

Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Saturdays by arrangement

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