This week’s DISC behavioural style tip from The DISC Group is all about the goals and fears of people with the C Style – the Compliance style. Get the best from your meetings and conversations by understanding your colleagues’ behavioural preferences and priorities.

Goals of the C Style

The Compliance style concerns itself more with content than with congratulations. They prefer involvement with the performance of products and services under specific, and preferably controlled, conditions so the process and the results can be correct. When things aren’t going to plan they will challenge assumptions and make sure they have absolute clarity so they can deliver on their goals. Since their primary concern is accuracy, human emotions may take a back seat with this style type. After all, emotions are subjective and tend to distort objectivity.

Fears of the C Style

Compliance styles’ biggest fears include uncontrolled emotions and irrational acts – may be in the slipshod methods of others – relate to their goals. More precisely, they fear that these illogical acts may stop them from achieving their goals. Similarly, they fear emotionality and irrationality in others. This type strives to avoid criticism and the embarrassment that they feel from it, so not only do they do all they can to avoid being criticised – by doing the best job they can and getting things right – but they also attempt to control both themselves and their emotions at all times.

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