This week’s DISC behavioural style tip from The DISC Group is all about the goals and fears of people with the I Style – the Influence style. Get the best from your meetings and conversations by understanding your colleagues’ behavioural preferences and priorities.

Goals of the I style

The energetic and enthusiastic Influence Styles want your admiration and thrive on recognition, compliments, and applause. “It’s not just whether you win or lose. it’s how you look when you play the game.” People’s admiration and acceptance typically mean more to this type than to any other.

If you don’t talk about them, they may spend considerable time talking about their favourite subject – themselves – to gain the acceptance they want. They aim to be friendly – and they seek out group activities rather than work alone.

Fears of the I style

Their biggest fear is public humiliation – whether appearing uninvolved, unattractive, unsuccessful, or unacceptable to others. These frightening forms of social rejection threaten the Influencing style’s core need for approval. Consequently, they may go to extremes to avoid public humiliation, lack of inclusion, or loss of social recognition.

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